Saturday, November 16, 2013

Last week a group of us from the Spencer Museum of Art were in New York City for Print Week (the photographer, me, is not pictured). 

We had our own trajectories, this is part of mine.

In addition to the IFPDA print fair, I spent time in Chelsea, touching base at Printed Matter, Eyebeam, and several galleries.

I was happy to see that Bitforms included a bicycle in Michel de Broin's installation - it is a bicycle with an exhaust pipe that burps out smoke and comments on the irony of smoking while bicycling (vintage Tour de France videos come to mind).

At the Museum of Art and Design I enjoyed Out of Hand - Materializing the Postdigital with two old friends, one of whom, appropriately it seems, I had not met in person before. A vendor display included a functional 3-D print of Theo Jansen’s walking kinetic sculptures

Two of us had a high altitude meeting with a colleague known for his provocative publications to discuss our Art*Research*Collaboration initiative.

In addition to visits to the New Museum and other well-known art venues I noticed several smaller galleries.

There was time to consider the history of collecting…

and I was able to extend my research into the fascinating story of people and and their connections to plants.

blackwork engraving

subway, Astor Place


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